“ 200 Mindaugų / Modulių / Mygtukų „

JSC “200mi„

200 Mindaugų
Our company was started by two Lithuanian IT professionals in 2008. Both of them have a the same first name(hint: Mindaugas). We are hoping to become the first Lithuanian company to employ 200 guys named "Mindaugas", and in year 2010 we are only 197 guys short of our goal!

200 Modules
Every IT solution depends on a lot of things coming together as a whole. We are dedicated to keep all the gears in place and making sure they are properly oiled, so that the websites of our clients keep running.

200 Mini-buttons
We are big believers in KISS principles, trying to make our websites as user friendly and as simple as possible.


SPA Vilnius SANA

SPA Vilnius SANA
Ekskomisarų biuras Ekskomisarų biuras
Druskininkų vandens parkas Druskininkų vandens parkas
Teisinių paslaugų grupė Teisinių paslaugų grupė
Grand SPA Lietuva Grand SPA Lietuva
ONE nuotykių parkas ONE nuotykių parkas
Piniginė.lt Piniginė.lt
Trasalis Trasalis


Providing dovanu-kuponai.lt service
It is simple system that helps you to sell gift vouchers from your site. Works with PayPal, webtopay.com and other payment procesors. System delivers gift voucher to a client in 5 minutes.
Read more about service at www.dovanu-kuponai.lt .

Creating websites 
Creating a website for you  from A to Z. Webdesign. Programming. Content management systems. Search engine optimization (SEO). Portfolio.

Making your websites better and more attractive to new visitors
We have 200 ideas how to make your website better: from attracting more local visitors to increased global visibility and improved online sales conversion.

Booking Robot

Online hotel booking system and gift vouchers sales system. Read more about service at www.bookingrobot.eu


JSC "200MI"
Address: Elektrinės st. 4-29 , Vilnius LT-03150, Lithuania
Company code: 301934584
VAT code: LT100004334311

Tel.: +370 52045185
Fax.: +370 52045186
Mob.: +370 67198101
Email: info@200mi.lt

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